The brand Wrap asked for
a campaign to make students in
the UK recycle more often. My
research showed that students
often don’t know what to recycle.
The solution: A poster series
supports the year-long campaign
and informs about materials to
recycle. Simple illustrations show
students with recyclables. The
target group is asked in an easy,
however memorable way to
throw the article in the green bin.
The campaigns‘ mascot is
„Recyclemichael“, an unusual, but
cool character. Screen printed
freebie bags are handed out to
students all around campus. 
contain a CD with a recycling
song I recorded, a calendar and an
engaging card collection. Students
upload their experience on social
media and Recyclemichael becomes
an amusing story to tell.

Recycling Campaign for Wrap Recycling Campaign for Wrap Recycling Campaign for Wrap